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Protect Our Public Land


The public land heist is a coordinated effort to transfer our public lands to state governments with the goal of development, extraction, privatization, or sell off. There are fewer checks and balances on some of the more extreme proposals about transferring public lands, and stopping the public land heist will take a lot of voices and outcry from everyone who loves the outdoors.

Outdoor Alliance is working to track legislation that threatens to transfer public lands, and sharing opportunities to speak out—attending meetings and rallies, writing and calling lawmakers, and sharing our voices at important moments.

The basis for all this work is a petition housed here www.protectourpublicland.org  when you sign up, you become looped into Outdoor Alliance's updates and targeted, local outreach for public land heist bills.

Outdoor Alliance's goal is to get 100,000 people to sign the petition by Capitol Summit in April, giving them a base of outdoor enthusiasts willing to speak out for public lands and lend their voices to protect these places. To do this, they need your help to share the petition and get people involved.



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