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5 Shocking Reasons Polarized Sunglasses are More Than a Fashion Statement

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To some people, sunglasses are nothing more than some frames they put on their face for style. Any cheap frame will do, eye-squinting included!

The truth is, sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory. Sure, they’re great for adding a pop of personalized style into your wardrobe but they’re also essential to your health.  You wouldn’t buy prescription medications from some random pop-up shop in the corner of a dark alley for fear of your health and safety. Yet, so many people do just that when it comes to their eye health and sunglasses. So, stop squinting at the sun and damaging your retinas all at the same time. Here are the top reasons you need handmade wood polarized sunglasses in your wardrobe!  

Eliminate glares for better outdoor endeavors and optimal safety

If you had a dime for every time you squinted while driving late at night or on a rainy day, you’d be rich. Glares are the root of all evil and quite dangerous when you put it into perspective. Pardon the pun.

While glares can’t be eliminated, the effect of them can be with polarized sunglasses. Each pair of Public Sunglasses are designed to eliminate the appearance of glares on reflective surfaces, which allows you to see properly and comfortably.

As such, this is one of the best health benefits of polarized sunglasses, especially when you're operating any type of motor vehicle, as it ensures optimal safety. When you can see better, you can better protect yourself from potential dangers while exploring the great outdoors of Oregon. So, whether you’re getting an adrenaline rush on a snow mobile, car, four-wheeler, waverunner, speed boat or another type of motorized vehicle, keep yourself safe with polarized sunglasses. Plus, they’ll also provide you with better sights of the great outdoors that surrounds you.


Polarized sunglasses are to your eyes like sunscreen is to your skin.


Polarized sunglasses are the only ones to block out UV rays and light

In order to ensure optimal protection for your eyes, you need a pair of wood polarized sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection while also blocking out reflective surfaces. Most sunglasses – yes, even the cheap ones – provide UV protection. What they don’t do is block reflections. 

Public Sunglasses wood polarized lenses do both – and pretty damn well, if we must say so ourselves. Our wood sunglasses provide protection you simply can’t get from just any old pair of shades.


See more, sans squinting

One of our favorite things about polarized lenses is being able to see everything because you no longer have to squint your eyes and narrow your sights. Since wood polarized sunglasses block out the glare, you can (safely) keep your eyes wide open even on the sunniest of days. Polarized lenses also provide a clearer and sharper image than other pairs of sunglasses, so you get the full picture - better and brighter. 

And after you’ve hiked up to the top of Mount Hood in Oregon, you want to be able to take in as much of the scenery as possible. The only way to do just that is with wood polarized sunglasses… Or a photo, which simply doesn’t do justice!


Eliminate eye strain and decrease headaches

Another one of the best health benefits of polarized sunglasses is the reduction in headache intensity and frequency. When your eyes aren’t fully protected, you’re forced to squint. When you squint, you’re placing increases strain and tension on your eyes, which can lead to some of your worst headaches. So, if you’re someone who’s prone to getting that terrible ache in your forehead or behind your eyes, you needpolarized sunglasses.


Enhance your adventure when out on the water

Polarized sunglasses allow you to see things you simply can’t see with the naked eye or with non-polarized lenses, making them a must have for adventures out on the water. No, it’s not magic, nor is it an illusion. It’s the power of blocking out the reflection coming off the water’s surface. This allows you to see deep into the water, and all of the contents, instead of the skies reflection.


These are only ourfavorite health benefits of polarized sunglasses and advantages for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s much more for you to see and explore. Shop Public Sunglasses in Oregon today and enjoy these benefits you never knew existed.