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5 Shocking Ways to Urban Explore In Your City

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City streets are the easiest way to start urban exploring but it can also be the most boring of all. You spend all day walking pavement, crossing at lights and abiding by the laws of the road, so why do it when you can trek off the beaten path? Here’s why!


Abandoned buildings

With Halloween right around the corner, the best places to explore are definitely abandoned buildings. There are abandoned buildings all across the United States, Canada – and the entire world. You just have to be willing to see what is hidden out there in the woods. From abandoned churches to haunted houses, abandoned amusement parks and so much more, you’d be surprised at what hidden gems are hiding around your home.


Ghost towns

If you’re ready for a bit of a road trip, pack up, put your Public Sunglasses polarized shades on and hit the pavement. There are various ghost towns hidden across the United States with Nevada City in Montana and Bodie California definitely being some of the best. However, there’s also Cahawba, Alabama, South Pass City in Wyoming, Centralia in Pennsylvania and one of our favorites, Detroit Michigan. While the city isn’t a ghost town per se, it sure looks like it in certain areas.  



Alright, the skyscraper urban explorers have one-upped us here at Public Sunglasses in Oregon. We really don’t know how we feel about climbing thousands of feet high in nothing more than a pair of sunglasses, jeans and running shoes, nor do we condone it. It’s also illegal but one of the most popular ways to urban explore, so it’s worth mentioning.



Lift up some manholes and dive undergrown – if you dare. It might be a little smelly, maybe even a little sticky but the adventure can be worth it. Just be sure you bring some flashlights and a map because there’s nothing worse than getting lost underneath the city. That simply sounds like a horror film waiting to happen.



Speaking of tunnels, abandoned train tracks and railways are some of the coolest places to urban explore. These places are often infused with history and haunted energies that will certainly give you the creeps and the excitement you’re looking for.


Great Outdoors

No one said you have to trespass to urban explore. The great outdoors is full of some of the greatest finds you’ll ever come across. Bend, Oregon has some beautiful places to explore, all of which look even more stunning and vibrant with polarized glasses on. For that matter, anywhere in the Pacific Northwest is worth exploring but the opportunity can be found anywhere across the United States. You just have to be daring enough to explore the miles and miles of dark forest.



Let’s jump some fences, scale some skyscrapers and burrow through some tunnels. The city streets simply don’t do justice when it comes to the beauty of the area. So, grab your polarized sunglasses, pack your backpack and take your exploration off the beaten path. Here are some of the incredible things you can do as an urban explorer.