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What Your Sunglasses Say About Your Statement Style

What Your Sunglasses Say About Your Statement Style

To some, sunglasses are just sunglasses but to every fashionista out there, sunglasses are a statement. Just think about the Kardashian’s and their mirrored sunglasses, James Bond in his black polarized, or Paris Hilton in her big over-sized shades. You can even go a step further and think about officers and their aviators, and surfers and their wood sunglasses. Each person uses a different style of eyewear to create a statement style that closely resonates with their personality and lifestyle. So, let’s see what your sense of shades says about your statement style. 

Wood Handcrafted Sunglasses Say….

wood, polarized, handcrafted sunglasses, retro

Wood handcrafted sunglasses have remained at the top of the trend list for quite some time now. The world has taken a shift towards ethical, eco-friendly friendly fashion and this type of eyewear follows en suite. So, when you slip some handcrafted, wood sunglasses onto your face, you’re telling the world that you’re humble, earthy, and conscious of your choices. You likely have beachy, bohemian appeal with a love for the great outdoors. 

Round Sunglasses Say…

wood, polarized, handcrafted sunglasses, retro

When you toss on a pair of round sunglasses, you’re showing the world that your style is a little fashion forward, yet refined and simple. Your sense of style has a eloquent dose of sophistication and mystery, combined with the perfect dose of playfulness. You like to leave a lot to the imagination, and round sunglasses allow you to do just that - and that's a statement in itself.

Colored Sunglasses Say….

wood, polarized, handcrafted sunglasses, retro

For the young at heart, colored sunglasses are always a popular choice. These types of shades show off your silly, easy-going side. They let the world known that you’re all about having a good time. You’re the type of person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is always the life of the party. You have a collection of red solo cups you've won in beer pong tournaments, and you're the type of person people love being around. 

Retro Sunglasses Say…

wood, polarized, handcrafted sunglasses, retro

Retro sunglasses are definitely amongst the most unique. It takes a special person to trek off the beaten path of fashion, and you have what it takes. You’re a little bit hipster, maybe even a little vintage-inspired, and you’re always looking for something different to bring into your wardrobe. You appreciate the beauty of good finds and classic statements and love incorporating them into your wardrobe for a trendy look.


Polarized Sunglasses Say…

wood, polarized, handcrafted sunglasses, retro

Who doesn’t love a good pair of polarized sunglasses? Well, maybe the people who don’t like to explore the great outdoors, but that’s not you. You like to get outdoors for some wild adventure, and you understand the importance of practical style. You’re a bit of a sun chaser, whether it’s surfing, tanning, hiking or fishing, and you know what polarized sunglasses bring into sight. You’d be damned to miss a picturesque sight because you’re too busy squinting. So, if it’s not polarized, it’s not for you.


Now don't forget, you can find many of these sunglasses styles combined into one. There's handcrafted wood polarized sunglasses, round colored lenses, retro polarized wood sunglasses - you name it. So, find a pair that suits your fashion andyour lifestyle, and never let the sun take away from your statement style. 

Since it can be hard to narrow in on the ones that are perfect for you and your lifestyle, let this guide steer you in the right direction. With a quick look on Public Sunglasses, you'll quickly be able to find your statement style. 

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